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Pivo – A Game Changer for Smartphone Photography

The revolution of smartphone photography in the shape of a small, interactive pod.

We’ve all been there – Struggling to take that perfect selfie; and with platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, smartphone photography is a growing thing! Well those days are gone, as the latest smartphone photography pod Pivo allows for ultimate creativity, functionality and interactivity with your smartphone.

With twelve unique capturing modes, Pivo surely rivals all smartphone photography apps and devices. From face-follow, object tracking and voice command technologies, Pivo means selfie-takers, GIF-makers and video-creators can take great advantages of the possibilities with Pivo!

Image Credit: Pivo

So, whether you’re looking to share content live across 30+ different platforms all at the same time with the Multi-Platform Live mode, or want Pivo to respond to your voice command and capture the moment by the click of a finger and shouting cheese, the Smart Capture mode might be for you; maybe you’d like to take multiple photographs through the ManyMe mode, creating the illusion of a solo army! However, for those beautiful sunsets, sunrises and everything else in between, the perfect panorama and motion time-lapse modes may be your best option.

The brilliance doesn’t just end there with Pivo! The stylish and matte black rubber design of the interactive pod features an LED Power button, along with a built-in bubble level, tripod legs and a microUSB plug. Smartphones also benefit from both landscape and portrait showing options with the smartphone grip and grip fastener – Need we say anymore!

Pivo Smartphone Photography
Image Credit: Pivo

Pivo also includes a remote control, equipped with several buttons for full functionality and interactivity with the pod from a distance of 50ft (15m). From operating the 360 rotation to never missing the moment with the large capture button, Pivo will allow for great use at a great distance!

Adding to excitement, there are other additional products available for you to take smartphone photography to a whole new level! The GoPro Mount, the Lightbox and the Turntable. Each making smartphone photography ever more limitless, creative and professional.

As you can see, Pivo is for anyone and everyone looking to make beautiful use of their smartphone camera! From design to function and interactive, Pivo is a product that packs all the punch of a photographers dream, all in a small and interactive pod!

Craving to know more about Pivo? Take a look at their crowdfunding journey on Kickstarter with over 3,500 backers and a campaign that has been achieved beyond its goals! For even more information about this smartphone photography gadget, visit the Pivo website.

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